Top Shopping Destinations in Prague

Find out where to shop cheap In Prague.  We have selected the best shopping malls and stores to shop in Prague for few penny. There are different kind of shopping areas and shopping streets, many of which have their own specialities. Are you looking for luxury goods or cheap stuffs?  We are going to analyze it here. You can easily spend hours, afternoon or a whole day shopping around in Prague. At the same time, there are some local markets that offer fresh vegetables, organic foods and homemade products. They are called Farmer’s market.

Wenceslas Square street (Václavské náměstí)

The center of Prague shopping street, has more than 400 shops, landmark stores and designer outlets. Here you can find some of the best shopping in Prague. Van Graaf it one of the famous store. They offer branded wear but very expensive. Sometimes, you can get good offer during sales period. There are also some other shops like: H&MC&AM&S and so on…

Pařížká street

The street it’s well known for his exclusive goods. An expensive elegant shopping street, Pařížská street offer a good range of high priced fashion stores. It is a luxury street where you can find almost all the designer clothes in the world. The boutique on this street include: GucciBurberryLouis Vuitton and so on.


There are many malls that you can visit in Prague. Palladium offers a good range of mid-priced fashion stores. There’s also several bars, restaurants, children attractions in the mall. Od – Kotva offers unique children clothes and elegant wears for special occasions. My Národní is the place to go if you are looking for cheap and quality goods. Fashion Arena is a great place to explore. Whether you want hip fashion, unique gifts or designer cloth. It is a great place to find it. In conclusion,  there are more shops with designer outlets  in Prague.

Prague Market (Pražská tržnice)

The local market it’s full of daily fresh vegetables, Asian products and some other interesting goods. In fact, you will be lucky to get away without a large bag of shopping. Sapa is a very big Chinese market but, little bit far from the city center. Althogh, what visiting for it’s special offer.

Farmer’s Market

Náplavka is a traditional food market, but also includes some crafts section. Crowds are frequently very large considering the market’s fame, but the atmosphere is always warm. There are traditional homemade cookies, fairtrade cafe and fresh vegetables from the local farmers. Jiřák is one of the favorite market because, of it’s wide variant of homemade cookies and the fresh vegetables. In conclusion, don’t forget to check their opening hours before visiting the market.