Kutna Hora


Kutna Hora is historically one of the most paramount cities in the Czech Republic. The history of our country was first spelled out here in the early Middle Ages, especially thanks to the mining of silver that took place here. It is consequently rightly considered to be the treasure-house and Jewel in the crown of the Land was whose wealth emanated from this, the cradle of the expansion of the kingdom of Bohemia. It can gasconade a wide range of architectural styles and unique buildings from sundry periods of history. Kutna Hora

 Its streets, houses and churches are literally oozing with history, full of paramount historical events. In recent years there has been a return to the tradition of wine making, which in the past had been an integral part of the city’s colour. The cathedral of the Postulation of Our Lady is a component of former monastery in Sedlec, which was the oldest Cistercian abbey in the Czech Kingdom. In the Chapel of All Saints, there is a famous ossuary in the underground pat with world’s unique embellishment composed of human bones.