Zdar nad Sazavou


The Pilgrimage church of Saint John Nepomuk was built by architect Jan Blazej Santini-Aichl in the Baroque-Gothic style between the Year 1719-1722, which is additionally the most pristine example of Baroque Gothic. The church is circumvented by cloisters, which are compositionally linked with the central building. The central church, which is not immensely colossal in size, defies all description. It’s shapes, difined by perplexed interceptions of 6 circles in the form of five pointed stars, together with a masterly play of light and shadows in the interior.Its structural peculiarity and purity of the exterior, all provide an adequate reason to make a visit. According to Legend, crown with five Stars appeared above the body of John of Nepomuk, and for that reason Santini has incorporated into his project symbolism of number five. It has five pointed star plan, five ingresses, five altar niches, five chapels around a central space,five stars and five angels on the main altar. The saint’s tongue is portrayed in the cupola, such as an attribute of non- disclosure of confessional secret.